About the Journal of International Business Research and Practice and the Conference Proceedings


The Journal of International Business Research and Practice (JIBRP) is the official publication of the Academy of International Business-U.S. Midwest Chapter and is listed in Cabell's.  Papers are selected through a review process for publication in the JIBRP from amongst papers actually presented at the AIB-Midwest conference.  Authors intending to submit their papers for publication consideration in the JIBRP will have an opportunity to revise their papers after the conference based on feedback/comments received during their presentation.  The deadline for submission* is 30 days after the conclusion of the AIB-Midwest Conference.  Papers received will be subject to another review process and only papers accepted after this review process will be published. The sponsoring association assumes no responsibility for the views expressed by authors whose contributions appear in the JIBRP.  The journal is published once a year.

In addition to the journal, the association also publishes a Conference Proceedings.  All papers are subject to a double-blind review process and those accepted for presentation at the annual AIB-Midwest conference are published (revised and re-submitted based on reviewers' comments, if applicable) in this Conference Proceedings.  The Conference Proceedings is published once a year and is available to AIB-U.S. Midwest conference participants for a fee (established by MBAA-International) at the time of conference pre-registration.

*Submission Guidelines for Publication Consideration in the Journal of International Business Research and Practice:
1.  Only papers that were presented during the annual AIB-Midwest Conference are eligible to be considered for publication.
2.  Papers must be received by the JIBRP Editor, Dr. Anthony C. Koh at Anthony.Koh@Utoledo.Edu or AKoh@Utnet.Utoledo.Edu no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the conference. Submissions are by electronic mail, and the papers sent as email attachments in MS-Word format following the guidelines in (3) below.
3.  Papers must conform to the Instructions for Authors.